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Events and Parties Level Up Arcade

So you want to have a party or event at Level Up Arcade? We like parties!

Parties are fun, and we like to have fun. Couple of options for a party or event at Level Up Arcade:

Option 1: Simply show up. If you don't mind sharing space with lots of other random people.
Option 2: Reserve the entire Level Up Arcade, and have a private party or event.

If you want to reserve the entire place, we are happy to help you do so. Hours for full location reservation are Noon until 5pm daily. 2 hour minimum. Cost is $250, for a 2 hour private rental. 2 Fun Ambasadors at the doors to help direct traffic and keep the party or event private. Bartending and server staff. Enjoy the Level Up Arcade selection of soft drinks, beer, wine, spirits and food. Your music via your own iPod/iPhone. Optional extras include a live DJ ($50/hour).

Things you will need to know...

When you rent Level Up Arcade for a private party or event, you assume liability for any and all damage to the facilities or property caused by you or your guests. A private party or event cannot be open to the general public with a cover or admission fee. Level Up Arcade reserves the right to decline any reservation for any reason at anytime.