Find us at: 1290 Oak Street, Eugene, OR 97401
Call us at: 541-654-5632

About Level Up Arcade

Who are these guys? And how did they come up with the idea for an arcade?!

Level Up Arcade is the result of 3 friends who live in Eugene. All three are about 40ish (gasp!), and grew up playing pinball and arcade games. Two of these guys were raised in Eugene, the third is from California, or Mars...not sure really. Locals probably remember the good old days of Alladins Castle downtown, Halley's Comet over by UO campus, and Charlie's Pool Hall out off of Willamette Street. Well the two guys spent lots and lots of quarters over the course of many days in those old arcades. Now, with kids of their own, these three guys talked about how much fun it would be to have an Arcade here in Eugene again. Somewhere to hang out with friends, play a few arcade games, get some food, and of course have a beverage. After scouting locations for over a year, and scraping up all the money they could find, the childhood dream of having an arcade came to life.

What does Level Up Arcade offer?

Level Up Arcade Arcade. Lots of stand up arcades, a handfull of cocktail tables (Astroids, Dig Dug, etc....) and of course a long wall full of Pinball games (like 25 of 'em!). Throw in some drivers, golf and a few shooters. Shake well! We've tried to have a good balance of old and new games. Some classic 80's games (Spy Hunter, Track and Field, MRS Pac-Man, Tron, Donkey Kong, Centipede, Joust, Star Wars, Defender). Mixed in are 90's and 00's games (Simpsons, Raiden 2, Gauntlet Legends, NBA Jam, Police Trainer, Carnevil, Mortal Combat 2, Killer Instinct, NFL Blitz, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). And even brand new games manufactured in the last few years (Pac-Man Battle Royal, Golden Tee Live, Big Buck Hunter World, Primeval Hunt, Pac-Man Arcade Party). Pinballs include Indiana Jones (Stern), Tales of the Arabian Nights, NASCAR, Simpsons Pinball Party, Family Guy, Road Show, Haunted House, Fish Tales, Whirlwind, and lots more!

Do you get new games? How often?

We are constantly getting new games, fixing up old games, and rotating games that people seem to like. We have a warehouse full of games and parts for games. Not all of the games are working very well. Some are totally dead. Some of them we are bringing back to life. The older games like to break down often, so we need space to fix them.

Can kids play games? What about those of us under 21?

Yes, absolutely! Kids are certainly welcome! Level Up Arcade is open every day at Noon, and minors are allowed to stay until 9pm. We get families who come in and play all the time. After 9pm however, the OLCC says you have to be 21 years old to stay. Our Fun Ambassadors will make sure and let everyone know when it gets close to that 9pm time.

I might get hungry and thirsty playing all those games. Can you help me?

We have bar food! Every item can satisfy that appetite. Basket of fries? We can do that! Level Up Arcade has a full bar. That's right....a full bar! We love beer and it shows. You will find 16 of the tastiest Northwest Micros on tap. Not into the fancy beers? That ok. We have lots of pounders to choose from, and even a couple of bottled options. Looking for a mixed beverage? Our bartenders are like chemists, and they can mix you up something delicious! If you still can't beat that high score, no need to worry. We have plenty of energy drinks in the cooler. Fuel up and keep trying for that high score!

Do you want to learn more about who we are? Come by and see us. We are located downtown Eugene on the corner of 13th and Oak Street. It's only a couple blocks west of Campus, and a couple blocks south of Downtown.